Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh & Others

The most interesting Gunpla at the moment is 1/100 Gundam Virtue/Nadleeh. Agree? ^^ Apart from the convertibility between the two modes, this is the last of the four Gundams in Gundam Double O. So, I believe folks who got the previously released Exia, Dynames and Kyrios are not going to miss this one too.

Another interesting point about 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh is its price tag of 3,800 Yen for a non-MG kit... ... ^^;

Those who are still considering whether to get this model can refer to one assembled by Climax F.

hetare_1-100Virtue_01_s hetare_1-100Virtue_02_s
That has got to be the most kick-ass weapon in Gundam Double O ^^
And he can hold it up with just one hand. Nice~

hetare_1-100Virtue_03_s hetare_1-100Virtue_04_s
Plenty of nice action poses in Nadleeh's form. A display stand will be very helpful for that.

hetare_1-100Virtue_05_s hetare_1-100Virtue_06_s
While the articulation for the arm is good even with the armors on, the legs can hardly move, as expected though ^^;

hetare_1-100Virtue_07_s hetare_1-100Virtue_08_s
You'll need to paint the yellow parts inside the twin shoulder cannons and GN particle emitters of the legs yourself. No sticker is given for these parts.

hetare_1-100Virtue_09_s hetare_1-100Virtue_10_s
Nadleeh's head. The hair still look odd to me after all this while ^^;

hetare_1-100Virtue_12_s hetare_1-100Virtue_11_s
The leg's articulation sure improves a lot with the armors off, and gosh! Look at just how thick the leg armors is O_O

The legs armors sure are huge. Can't wait to see that with my own eyes ^^

All images from Climax F.

Also, here's a quick peek into the Battle of Guandu set mentioned yesterday:

Looks good to me, but I still prefer the original BB Senshi version ^^;
Image from Toysdaily.

Also, five female characters from Gundam Double O will be released as trading figures in June. Apart from Wong Liu Mei, Sumeragi, Felt and Christina, Louisse will be released for the first time ^^

Each figure is 120 mm in height and is priced at 700 Yen.

Image from Toysdaily.