Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gundam Double O Mecha Design Again

Plenty of magazine scans for the mecha design in the world of Gundam Double O and its side stories, again. Click on the images for larger view - all of them have a resolution of around 1275 x 1722 each.

Scan_Eins_01_s Scan_Eins_02_s
Johann Trinity's Throne Eins

Scan_Zwei_01_s Scan_Zwei_02_s
Michael Trinity's Throne Zwei

Scan_Drei_01_s Scan_Drei_02_s
Neena Trinity's Throne Drei

Scan_Flag_01_s Scan_Flag_02_s
Union Flag and its variations

Scan_Others_01_s Scan_Others_02_s
HRL's mecha, including some very creative tank designs, and AEU's Enact, Hellions and other variations.

Scan_Others_03_s Scan_Others_04_s
Some of the characters from the anime.

Scan_GNArms_01_s Scan_GNArms_02_s.1
The design for GN-Arms and the HG 1/144 version coming in this month ^^

Scan_GNX_01_s Scan_GNX_02_s
The ultimate baddy now: ^^; GN-X

Scan_GNX_BW_01_s Scan_GNX_BW_02_s
The black and white sketch version, and Ali Al-Saachez's Agrissa. With Graham Aker refusing the offer to pilot one of 10 GN-Xs assigned to the Union, Ali seems likely to take that role.

HG 1/100 Virtue's Gunpla design.

Gundam Astraea from 00P with double GN Launcher.
Seriously, Bandai should release a 1/100 Astraea soon. It's just to cool to be missed!

Scan_00P_02_s Scan_00P_03_s
Also from 00P: Gundam Sadalsuud Type F with an extremely brilliant backpack design. His Revolver Bazooka is equally awesome!

Characters from 00V. That girl reminds me of Nena Purpleton from UC0083: Stardust Memory ^^

Scan_Turbulenz_01_s Scan_Turbulenz_02_s
Scan_Turbulenz_03_s Scan_Turbulenz_04_s
First we get to see the design of Throne Eins Turbulenz, now we get to see the Gunpla version of it.
Got to salute those Japanese Gunpla artist ^^