Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poking Fun at Gundam and Zaku Again

Like the title suggests, this is not the first time the designs of Gundam and Zakus are being ridiculed on my blog anymore. The first one was about two month ago ^^;

Someone mentioned the word 'Gundam' to this artist but forgot to tell him its meaning XD

The real identity of Acguy has being reviewed... o_0?!

The 'Gundam Gattai' concept is expended to include Gaia and BuCUE, and guess what they transform into? Voltron!

CrazyZaku_s MetaBotGundam_s
Crazy Full Arm Zaku II vs Medabot Gundam XD

Bright Noah now commands a White Base Scooter ^^

After the success of Gundam-Tank in previous experiments, the Earth Federation extends their Gundam face design to include Ball as well.
Looks like the Zeons will have a hell of a time to laugh off their heads again XD

"Gundam... Henshin!"
"Guncannon... Henshin!"
"Guntank... Henshin!"
And these folks are exactly what you'll get from those commands XD

GurrenLagannDestiny_s GurrenLagannTurnA_s
Lagann Destiny and Turn A - which one is more hilarious?

Mickey Mouse Destiny with Donald Duck Launcher and Winnie the Pooh Beam Sword. Muahahaha~

I don't know where this design comes from, but it sure doesn't look cute anyhow whatsoever for me ^^;

Gundam NT-1 cosplay - not enough time to do the leg armors, dude? ^^;

My favorite of them all: MG Acguy Savior. MG Acguy or 1/100 Savior owners, interested to modify your model into this flying fatso?

MG Qube... Acguy?!