Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 8

The unsubbed version of Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 8 is out!

Plenty of surprises in this episode. Apart from getting to know a bit about Keisuke's past, we learned that Jiro (Garulu's human form) isn't the 100% good guy as Kiva is. As shown in the last episode as well, he harmed human beings and took their souls back in 1986, just like the Fangires he was fighting against. Without the knowledge of Yuri, he seemed to know Ramon (Basshaa's human form) as well. That makes me wonder whether the two knew Dogga's human form as well.

In terms of Kamen Rider action, this episode finished up the fight between Kiva and the Prawn Fangire from last week. The ultimate fight however, is not between the two, but between the colossal Castle Dran and a monster the Fangire managed to summon when he was defeated. Personally, I prefer the real fight between the human actors actually, since real action is always more exciting than CG animation ^^;

Jiro always looks cool. ^^ And that jacket with a patch of fur on the shoulder is very much his trademark now.

Otoya continues to 'impress' Yuri in his own way ^^;

Jiro feeding on a human soul.

A huge jar of coffee for the reluctant Otoya. Since I don't like coffee, I wonder whether the actor who played Otoya really managed to drink the whole thing as seen in this episode ^^;;

The person Keisuke is struggling against seems to be his own father.

Now we get a hint on why Keisuke would take a button from each of the criminals he hunted down as a bounty hunter in previous episodes.

The appearance of Basshaa in this episode is totally unexpected for me ^^

Jiro saves Yuri from Basshaa, but it seems like a scene planned by the two for some unknown purpose.

Megumi's alternate skill - eating a lot and stunning all the other customers in the shop XD

The Prawn Fangire/chef's recipe burns Wataru's violin. I wonder what ingredients he used ^^;

See that toque hanging on the door? I laughed so hard at this scene XD

Shizuka and Wataru Ver. 2.0

Kiva's action may be performed by a stuntman, but Megumi's part seems to be done all by herself (the actress Nana Yanagisawa).

Kivat-bat the 3rd can separate from Kiva's belt and attack the enemy, and he is quite effective too ^^

This looks like a scene from some vintage arcade game XD

Kiva has a whistle for every situation and enemy.

Clash of the Titans!!

Big and small Castle Drans ^^;

Cannonball attack!

It's being a while since we last saw Kiva's basic finishing move, Darkness Moon Break.

Finally, the preview for next week's episode...

Kamen Rider Ixa appearing for real! Will he fight Kiva?

Highly anticipating.

You can watch this episode of Kamen Rider on Veoh.