Monday, March 03, 2008

HGUC Core Fighter

I was clearing out some of my old Gunpla boxes a few weeks ago, and found this little fella still stuck on its runner crying out to be assembled. XD It's the Core Fighter from HGUC Operation V Set I bought when I was still in my secondary school, which was around seven or eight years ago ^^; Apart from that Operation V Set, you can also find this Core Fighter in HGUC Gundam RX-78-2.

Back then, I must have hesitated to build this Core Fighter along with Gundam, Guncannon and Guntank from that kit because of the difficulties in painting. I don't have Gundam Markers at that time, so I left it on its runner to be built some time later. 'Some time later' turned out to be so many years later XD

Anyway, this Core Fighter is not transformable, just as the one included for HGUC GP01, GP01Fb, GP03S and S Gundam. A Core Fighter is a bit too little to be counted as a Plamo Review, so I'll just mention it briefly here.

The steps for assembling the Core Fighter, simple-simple ^^

HGUC_CoreFighter_01_s HGUC_CoreFighter_02_s
All the parts for this Core Fighter, and painting in progress.

I actually used the interior of the parts to dip out the paint from my Gundam Marker, since the affected parts won't be seen anyway.

Painting and assembling aren't hard at all. You just need a bit of time and patience to apply a few layers of white paint on the parts to cover up the original colors beneath.

HGUC_CoreFighter_05_s HGUC_CoreFighter_06_s
HGUC_CoreFighter_07_s HGUC_CoreFighter_08_s
Completed! ^^

HGUC_CoreFighter_09_s HGUC_CoreFighter_10_s
The 'ancestor' of all Core Fighter/Core Block system in the Gundam Universe ^^

Well... That all XD

Watch out for a bigger Gunpla review soon. Hehe~