Wednesday, March 05, 2008

PLAMO Review 29: MG Acguy Part 3

My completed MG Acguy is ready to go to 'work' XD

MGAcguy_View_01_s MGAcguy_View_02_s
MGAcguy_View_03_s MGAcguy_View_04_s
I didn't apply any decal on Acguy, since I know I'll be playing a lot with it. Any decal on the model will suffer the risk of being rubbed off by its clumsy owner ^^;

Effect parts for the torpedoes.

MGAcguy_Effect_02_s MGAcguy_Effect_03_s
Sine Acguy didn't come with any hand held armament, I think having the effect parts for the torpedoes is a must to display that weapon.

Also, effect parts for the propellers in the feet, which are not exactly useful without the display base ^^;

The most powerful feature of this model: expendable shoulder and hip joints, coupled with retractable arms and thighs. Not only do they increase the height of the whole model, they are the key to Acguy's awesome articulation.
Acguy is not the first to have this feature actually, another amphibious Zeon MG before him, Gogg is also designed to with such function.

As compared to Zaku II, Acguy's mono-eye camera's movement range is far more wider, but being an earlier MG, it doesn't move along when the head is turned, as seen on MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0.

MGAcguy_Sit_01_s MGAcguy_Sit_02_s
One of the famous scenes as depicted in the construction manual: the kids walking on top of Acguy while he's 'sleeping' XD

"Oops, we've being discovered!"

MGAcguy_Action_01_s MGAcguy_Action_02_s
MGAcguy_Action_04_s MGAcguy_Action_03_s
MGAcguy_Action_05_s MGAcguy_Action_06_s
Action poses for Acguy.
Then again, no matter how 'fierce' Acguy can be, he always looks funny to me in everyway XD

MGAcguy_Action_07_s MGAcguy_Action_08_s
Having fun with Acguy - plenty more fun in the upcoming Part 4!