Thursday, March 27, 2008

HGUC Nu Gundam

HGUC Nu Gundam, completed swiftly by Climax F.

A display stand is essential to show off the great articulation of this Gundam.

One of the trademarks of HGUC Nu Gundam: the helmet which is molded in a single piece. The articulation of the neck is as wide as that on the MG version.

Awesome shoulder joint! And that has got to be the best hand design for all HGUC models.

Like the MG version, not much action for the leg because of its armor.

While the beam rifle and Hyper Bazooka are straight from the MG, the beam part of the beam sword is of new and cooler design, and the model comes with mount latch for the shield to be equipped on different sides of the forearm.

Fully detailed and functional Fin Funnels!!

So, may I propose HGUC Nu Gundam as the best HGUC Gundam so far? ^^

All images from Climax F.