Friday, March 07, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 6

Just watched Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 6 recently.

Personally, this is the most interesting episode so far. As shown from last episode's preview, Kiva received his new Basshaa form, which changes his armor to green and gives him the Basshaa Magnum.

In this episode, we get to see the true form of Garulu as well, which came as a surprise to me. ^^ According to this episode, it seems that before being a member of Castle Dran, Garulu's human form, Jiro walked among us in 1986. He can transform into his beast form, a blue werewolf who fights Fangire, just like Kiva. I believe the same goes for the other characters who became Kiva's other forms, Basshaa and Dogga. Their background, how they got together, and most importantly, how did they became Kiva's alternate forms are very interesting things to watch out for in the coming episodes.

Also, the editing of the story for this week is brilliant as well. The story of Wataru's father and Yuri in 1986 almost runs parallel with that of Wataru and Megumi in present time. It's almost like watching the same story played by two different sets of people but with the same villain. Really cool stuff XD

Speaking of the villain, the spider monster from Episode One makes a comeback, but instead of being scary, I laughed my head off at his human form. XD You have got to watch this episode to see why.


You can watch the unsubbed version of this episode on Veoh.

On the other hand, some of the upcoming merchandises of Kamen Rider Kiva:

Kiva's Basshaa form will come in May, followed by Dogga in June.

Looks like the weapon for Kiva in Dogga's form is a giant maul of some sort?

Kiva's adversary, Kamen Rider Ixa (the name is from Wikipedia) is yet to appear in the series.
Is that his own version of Castle Dran? a mechanical one? XD

A very strange-looking sword ^^;
Images from Toysdaily.