Tuesday, March 04, 2008

PLAMO Review 29: MG Acguy Part 2

Part 2 of the review on MG Acguy is about assembling this model.


MGAcguy_Arm_01_s MGAcguy_Arm_02_s
As mentioned yesterday, the difference between the two arms is just the claws and torpedoes. The upper arms are identical.

MGAcguy_Arm_04_s MGAcguy_Arm_03_s
Retractable arms.
One of the torpedoes keep on falling out from the forearm. I just sticked a bit of paper tape into its back and then, problem solved! ^^

Armor pieces fro Acguy's arms.

MGAcguy_Arm_06_s MGAcguy_Arm_07_s
There's a significant increase in length when the arms are extended.


Without the armors, this is more like the number of parts for assembling the leg of a HG model.

MGAcguy_Leg_03_s MGAcguy_Leg_02_s
The legs might seem elephant-like, XD but the articulation of the knee is really good.

MGAcguy_Leg_04_s MGAcguy_Leg_05_s
That's right folks, each leg only has 4 parts for the armors.

Body & Backpack

MGAcguy_Body_01_s MGAcguy_Body_02_s
Separating the body and the waist. The design for the shoulder and hip joints are very similar. If you cut out all the parts first, be careful of seemingly identical parts among the joints. Refer to the construction manual at all time.

Another layer of inner frame.

The pilot figure, and armors for the backpack and abdomen.

Three of the biggest parts in this kit to complete the body unit.

MGAcguy_Backpack_01_s MGAcguy_Backpack_02_s
Some limited movement of the backpack.


MGAcguy_Head_01_s MGAcguy_Head_02_s
With so many big parts, watch out for tiny ones like the mono-camera eye and the connectors for the armors.
For the eye, I paint a layer of silver first, followed by red. This makes the eye to be a bit shiny, and can be seen when it's behind the clear part.

MGAcguy_Head_03_s MGAcguy_Head_04_s
Separating the components for the head. Comparison with Char's Zaku II always seem funny ^^

MGAcguy_Head_05_s MGAcguy_Head_06_s
Acguy's completed head, shall I say it looks like a mushroom? XD

Inner Frame

MGAcguy_InnerFrame_01_s MGAcguy_InnerFrame_02_s
MGAcguy_InnerFrame_04_s MGAcguy_InnerFrame_04_s
The complete inner frame for Acguy.

Even with the inner frame itself, Acguy is a lot bigger than other 'normal' models.


MGAcguy_Completed_01_s MGAcguy_Completed_02_s
My completed Acguy ^^ and his signature action pose ^^

Part 3 is coming up soon!