Saturday, March 08, 2008

MG Modeling Guide for S Gundam

Dengeki Hobby's latest publication is MG Modeling Guide for S Gundam, available on Hobby Search already.

Images from Dengeki Hobby Web.

It's great to see a compilation of awesome modeling work on S Gundam. I'm sure other variations like Ex-S, S Gundam Booster Unit and Deep Striker will be among the many work introduced in the book as well. Other mecha like FAZZ, Nero, Xeku Eins and Gundam Mk V should also be in too.

Then again, the hot season of S Gundam was some time ago already ^^;

On the other hand, two quick snaps on upcoming SEED Frame Astray HGs for this month: 1/144 Trojan Noiret's Customized Astray Green Frame and 1/144 Leons Graves's Customized Civilian Astray PMC Custom.

HGAstrayGreen_s HGCivilianAstrayPMC_s
Astray Green Frame comes with a rifle/beam lance while Civilian Astray PMC is given a new head design with V Fin.