Monday, December 17, 2007

1/100 Dynames

For those of you who are still considering to get 1/100 Dyanmes for Christmas, feast your eyes on a straight assembled one from Lifezoids. Apart from the size and the details, the beam sabers and a pair of pistols omitted in the 1/144 scale version are included this time.

Wait a minute, I think I said all that many times already ^^;

Anyway, Dynames's articulation isn't as rich as 1/100 Exia. For example, the elbow joint can't bend for 180 degrees, and the thigh only feature one point articulation, whereas there are two for Exia. I don't think that will decrease the fun for this kit though, since we don't really see much acrobatic action performed by Dynames so far which requires the really sophisticated joints designed for Exia ^^;

The targeting sensor revealed when the visor is pulled down really needs some painting to look nice.

The shoulder armors are designed to fit onto the upper arms instead of being separate components themselves. Doesn't that mean the GN Full Shield and the rifle fit onto the them will eventually pull everything down? Hmm...

The 'bow-tie'-style front skirt armors are actually some sort of mini missile launchers as seen in Episode 9. Not available in this model though ^^;

The articulation for the knee and leg seems identical to what the 1/144 scale version can do.

The beam pistols with the containers are new ^^

Par swapping for the supporting stand of the beam rifle - at least it's molded in the same color as the rifle's body this time ^^

All images from Lifezoids.