Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gundam 00 Episode 11

Just watched Episode 11 of Gundam Double O on Tudou just now, which is really a pain in the ass because of the slow connectivity tonight >_< If the service provider of my country didn't cap the torrent downloading speed, I think I prefer downloading the anime instead so that I don't have to pause so many times in between just to stream for another few minutes to watch throughout this 24-minutes episode -_-||

Anyway, Episode 11 takes a break from all the space combat adrenaline last week. It's quite fun to see the armors of Virtue being sealed back and Nadleeh's flock of hairs being concealed ^^ I wonder when will we see her again ^^;

By the way, Happy Birthday Allelujah Haptism ^^ He got the birthday present of this episode named after him, and a drink with Sumeragi too ^^

Anyway, this episode isn't very pleasant for him anyway, as he forces himself to face his past by revisiting the HRL's Super Human Research Facility to destroy it. We get to see the evil side of Allelujah (again), which shadows him most of the time in this episode. Even though he succeeded in destroying the target (in great agony), I doubt that this will be the last time his 'evil twin' shows up beside him again.

P/s: why are Louise, her mother and Saji in this episode again?