Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This Looks like a Cool Place to Kick It Again

Transformers fans, remember that line?

What's crackin' little bitches?

Yes, it came from the very cool Jazz, Optimus Prime's first lieutenant. Unfortunately he died in the movie, having being ripped to pieces by Megatron.

But just when you think you're not going to see him again for the second Transformers movie in 2009:

Last summer, McCrary (Darius McCrary) starred as Autobot Jazz in the 4th of July blockbuster "Transformers" and is currently in talks to return for the sequel.

"That was something I grew up watching, so to be a part of that was exciting," said McCrary.

-- from Black American Web

Awesome ^_^ It seems like Jazz is making a comeback in the second movie. The real question is what he will look like then. As a matter of fact, I believe all the Transformers characters will get a complete overhaul in their design. Not just for a fresh new look, but for Hasbro's business opportunity as well. Fair trade I believe.

Anyway, who do you want to have in the second movie? New characters I mean. Here are two of my picks:

Not to be confused with Brawl, a.k.a. Devastator in the first movie, the Decepticons' Constructicons will be a huge (literally) problem to the Autobots if he is really featured in 2009.

Who or what's that? Coming from the sea, could it be Tidal Wave?

Not to confuse (or excite) you, the two pictures above are saved randomly from related threads in forums, so they are NOT official.