Friday, December 28, 2007

Soul of Chogokin God Mars and Daimos

As mentioned some time ago, after Baikanfu, the next Soul of Chogokin is the unbeatable God Mars.

Apart from the awesome transformation, there are plenty of action of each of the smaller robots. Wow!

The comparison between the new and old God Mars clearly demonstrates the advancement of technology is improving the coolness of toys nowadays ^^

A fighter jet set consists of three planes called Combination Mech (?) are included in this SOC release. One of the planes is extremely tiny ^^;

The next Soul of Chogokin after God Mars is Daimos.

There's no mentioning of its release date and price though.

Still remember Daimos everyone? Personally, I have very vague memory about the story and the characters actually. It was one of the many on-and-off Japanese anime I watched when I was young. I only remember the opening scene where Daimos in his truck mode would fly off a cliff to the sea and the container of the truck would open and transform. The front of the truck opens and reveals Daimos's head.

Now that I think about it, that scene is as clear as yesterday ToT

I didn't watch much of Daimos actually. Like several other anime back then, it was aired for a short while, and then a new one came. I don't know why was there such arrangement by the TV station, but I suppose I would have remember Daimos more if I watch more episodes of it. Anyway, it's still a very brief but sweet part of my childhood memory.

The opening scene of Daimos - totally nostalgic~
Can't see anything? Follow this link to Youtube.

All images from scans of Dengeki Hobby February issue.