Thursday, December 27, 2007

Updates from Hobby Japan February 2008

Some information on Gundam merchandises selected from Hobby Japan February 2008 issue:

HG 1-100 Kyrios - Guess what, the mecha part of the shoulders are still molded entirely in white :( Plenty of painting to do then, if you want your Kyrios to resemble the anime version.


HG 1-144 Gundam Throne Eins - You have probably seen a lot of this new Gundam from Gundam Double O, which is yet to appear. This time we get to see Throne Eins's weapons - a small rifle, and the expendable rail gun. Nice~

Since all three Thrones have different designs and weapons, I guess the other two might come out as separate releases in the future. See the design for all three Thrones here.


HCM-Pro and Super HCM-Pro - Plenty of images and information on the recent and upcoming HCM-Pro figures in this issue of Hobby Japan, which include Kyrios, Virtue, Special Painted Exia, Ground Type GM, GM Sniper, and Hi-Nu Gundam.

Also, it's revealed that the second Super HCM-Pro is currently under development! If you're amazed with what the first SHCM-Pro can do, get ready to experience the excitement all over again ^^


BB Senshi Reissue - Apart from Musha Keroro on the right, a list of vintage BB Senshi models to be reissued next February is included. There are a total of 19 of them. I don't have much knowledge on BB Senshi ^^; but I do recognize a few from their high price XD - BB #120 Shinsei Dai Shogun (2,100 Yen), BB #107 Gundam Dai Koutei (2,730 Yen), and BB #100 Sennari Dai Shougun (1,050 Yen). So if you miss any of them the last time, don't miss them again this round.


Turn Delta - Not an upcoming Gunpla, but a mod work by the Jun III. The beam wings are extremely beautiful :)

By the way, if you don't know this already, MMF-JG73L Turn Delta comes from SEED C.E. 73 Delta Astray, the side story of the Cosmic Era released after Stargazer.

Personally, I would prefer it if Bandai can put some effort into researching mecha like this Turn Delta to be released as Gunpla instead of all those SEED Frame Astray color variations -_-|||


All images from Hobby Japan February 2008 scans.