Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MS Girls Again

Many readers emailed me and asked for more MS girls posting after the first and the second one, they weren't quite amused with the bizarre MG girls posted later on though ^^;

So today, I'm going to post a few more cute girls clad in armors ^^; And you decide whether they look more mechanical, or girlish instead.

Wildfalken and Wildwurger High Mobility Type. The 1/144 scale model kit of Wildwurger was recently released by Kotobukiya.

For me, the huge Huckebein Boxer is like a more humanoid version of Ripley's Power Loader in Aliens XD

The majestic Daigenguar is still hot on my wish list. The girl with the 8o expression at the back is Aubenseiter, who is also extremely awesome in design.

Night Watch Optimus Prime! ^^

All Evangelion units.

I never realized Zoids mecha can also be turned into cute girls ^^

IMPORTANT: I gathered these images from attachment on the different forums visited in the past, therefore I'm unable to verify their sources.