Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Gundams for Gundam Double O UPDATED

UPDATED: Included photos of the upcoming HG Gundam Throne Eins and Tieren Taozi.

According to Gunota Headlines, three new Gundams have being announced for Gundam Double O: Gundam Throne Eins, Gundam Throne Zwei, and Gundam Throne Drei.

Somehow I feel that their designs are much more 'Gundam-like' or closer to the conventional Gundams I know of ^^;

Apparently they are variations of the same Gundam, with the main difference between each others in the design of the head only. I wonder who are the pilots for these Gundams, but more importantly, which side they are on. Since they are Gundams, it's natural to assume that they belong to the Celestial Beings, but the Unions are close to discovering the secrets behind the Gundam Meisters, so maybe these new Gundams are their reversed engineered weapons against the Celestial Beings? Maybe the pilots are from the Flag Team lead by Graham Arce?

Very interested indeed ^^

Other updates reported include new equipments for Exia and Dynames, plus the commander type of Tieren.

In terms of Gunpla, the HG release of the newly announced Gundam Throne Eins has been listed for February. Don't be surprise with such hasty speed between the updates in Gundam Double O and its merchandises ^^ It's like this all the way back to the announcement of FG models for Gundam Double O months before the anime came out.

Wow, this HG Gundam Throne Eins looks very promising ^^
Image from SRW Hotnews

Another Gundam Double O Gunpla is Tieren Taozi coming in January.

The color separation seems to be quite complete and loyal to the anime.
Image from SRW Hotnews

It's also reported that the HG sales of Gundam Double O is selling 120% compared to SEED Destiny's. Wow! It seems like Gundam Double O is a huge win for Bandai :-D

Other Gunpla listed include:
MG Nu Gundam - metallic coating version, February, 8,925 yen

Image from Tsukurikake Mokei Dojo.

BB Senshi Kakouton Giros - February, 525 yen

Image from The Gundam Base Side One.