Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sadalsudd F & Vigna Ronah

Remember Sadalsudd F the prototype of Gundam Dynames from Gundam 00F? It looks like he has some connection with Gundam Unicorn XD

Sadalsuud Type F from the previous posting.

The V-fins on the head spring out ^^ Not as sophisticated as Gundam Unicorn's head transformation though ^^

On the other hand, you have seen the SD version of Vigna Ronah, a new design for the game SD Gundam G Generation Spirits. Well, the 'normal' version just multiplies the coolness level, and now I'm really looking forward to the Gunpla treatment of this original design.

This is the SD design.

The golden ornaments all over the body is awesome, and the huge crown on the head is just a must-get for me ^_^

So Bandai, please hear my plea, give me Vigna Ronah please~ XD