Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gundam Expo 2007

A lot of nice photos ^^ from the recent Gundam Expo 2007 held in Hong Kong. Apart from the display of MG Gundam Unicorn, Sazabi Metallic Coating Ver., Black Tri-star's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0 and HGUC ReGZ, this event is a real treat for BB Gundam fans, as almost all the previous releases from this product line are put on display. Now that's more than 200 BB Gundams!! O_O

Also, the model of SD Sangokuden Xiahou Dun will be announced as well. This SD will be available next February if I'm not mistaken.

Any Gundam fan visiting Hong Kong right now? Make sure you drop by the Metropolis Mall to have a look, and don't forget to bring extra memory cards for your camera just in case ^^; The event will be held all the way through Christmas till January 1st next year, so there's still a lot of time for you to go there.

Zaku II uses a bigger box this time, but I wonder what's the content that prompt this kit to require such a big box?

Sazabi's new box - what do you think?

Still in development, this new Zaku II's color separation doesn't seem complete yet.

HGUC ReGZ - no display base? Really? :(

Ever wonder how SD Gundams would look like in normal scale? ^^ This is Liu Bei Gundam from SD Sangokuden.

Guan Yu Gundam with real beard XD

Zhang Fei Gundam is perhaps the best looking one among the three in my opinion.

Plenty of SD goodness ahead ^^ Make sure to right click on each of them for a bigger view ^^

How many among them are in your collection?

Also, a closer look on the conversion kit for Gundam Astraea, which is the prize for Dengeki Hobby February 2008 issue:

All images from Toysdaily.