Monday, December 24, 2007

1/144 Alteisen Riese and Non-scale Dygenguar Ikkitousen

While I'm still salivating over 1/100 Alteisen, Kotobukiya is planning to release the improved version of Alteisen, called Alteisen Riese in late April next year. The scale is 1/144 (the finished model is about 16cm tall), but the price is 4,800 Yen, just 1,000 Yen less than his huge 1/100 predecessor.

It looks just as awesome as the original Alteisen, and I just can't take my eyes of it right now ^^ and my wallet is already shivering in fear XD

Then again, the price is really too expensive at that scale, plus, it might get an 1/100 upgrade in the future, so I suppose maybe it's wiser to do window-shopping first ^^

AlteisenRiese_09_s AlteisenRiese_10_s
AlteisenRiese_11_s AlteisenRiese_12_s
All images from Hobby Search.

On the other hand, another SRW kit which I will definitely be window-shopping only is the non-scale Dygenguar Ikkitousen, or Dygenguar with horse. XD Coming in early April, the price is 16,800 Yen.

Apart from the horse, which is totally new, I believe Dygenguar will also have new parts included (or modified from the original kit) to allow it to sit 'naturally' on the horse.

DygenguarIkkitousen_01_s DygenguarIkkitousen_02_s
I wonder what material the mane is made of.

DygenguarIkkitousen_05_s DygenguarIkkitousen_06_s
Killer pose!
All images from Hobby Search.

By the way, that horse looks strangely similar to Aubenseiter, another SRW mecha. I wonder if it's him who transforms into the horse, and becomes Dygenguar's mount.

One thing for sure though: April 2008 is really a colorful month for SRW fans.