Monday, December 03, 2007

1/100 Dynames & 1/144 Graham's Flag

Some juicy pictures of 1/100 Dynames and Graham Arce's Black Mosquito, err, I mean Union Flag to be released this month from The Gundam Base Side One.

1-100Dynames_01 1-100Dynames_02
Gundam Dynames in full armor and armaments sure looks cool ^^

1-100Dynames_03 1-100Dynames_04
I haven't seen him use his beam saber yet.

1-100Dynames_05 1-100Dynames_06
The beam pistols remind me of Strike Noir.

1-100Dynames_07 1-100Dynames_08
The GN Full Shield is really quite flexible in posing together with the weapons.
By the way, do you know that Virtue is the only one among the four Gundams to have hip armor?

1-100Dynames_09 1-100Dynames_10
Plenty of weapons and equipments for Dynames. The supporting stand for the rifle still requires part-swapping it seems, but that's merely an accessory to me actually.

1-144Graham_Flag_01_s 1-144Graham_Flag_02_s
1-144Graham_Flag_03_s 1-144Graham_Flag_04_s
As with the normal version, the Sonic Blade will need some serious painting to resemble the light blue color you see here.

1-144Graham_Flag_05_s 1-144Graham_Flag_06_s
The picture on the left is the straight assemble version.