Thursday, December 06, 2007

MG Sazabi MC, HCM-Pro Virtue & Haro

More images of the luxurious MG Sazabi Metallic Coating Ver. this time. Since the content is the same as the original released in 2000, I'm more interested now to know what the box cover will look like ^^

MGMetallic_Sazabi_01_s MGMetallic_Sazabi_02_s
MGMetallic_Sazabi_03_s MGMetallic_Sazabi_04_s
Being a huge Gunpla (second only to Perfect Zeong), Sazabi is a bit poor in terms of articulation. Just pose him standing and he would look great :)

Also, HCM-Pro Gundam Virtue will be available this month as well. There's no way I'm getting this figure, since I'm primarily into Gunpla. But there seems to be more and more tricks revealed by each episode and in different merchandises. For example, Dynames's front skirt armor is some sort of missile launcher as shown in Episode 9. For Virtue however, look at his GN Bazooka here:

HCM-Pro_Virtue_01_s HCM-Pro_Virtue_02_s
HCM-Pro_Virtue_03_s HCM-Pro_Virtue_04_s
Don't be surprise if his huge leg armors have some 'hidden weapons' inside.

Lockon's best buddy, Haro will be available next February at the price of 4,800 Yen. A cute gift for your girlfriend ^^

Haro is the only connection between Gundam Double O and the previous Gundam anime, SEED Destiny ^^