Monday, December 10, 2007

Get Ready for 1/100 Kyrios

While you might be planning your year-end bonus on MG Unicorn and 1/100 Dynames, there's not much time for your wallet to recover, as 1/100 Kyrios is coming in January ^^; Worse if you collect Gundam Fix Figuration/Zeonography/Cosmic Region figures as well, because the month after that (February), Zeong/Perfect Zeong is going to blow some holes in your wallet for sure ^^;

As with the previous 1/100 Double O models, this Kyrios is packed with plenty of details for better appearance (way better than the 1/144 scale version). I'm quite certain that the beam sabers omitted previously will be available this time.
Image from GA Graphics.

It looks just like any other previous Zeong to me...

Little feet (landing gear) for Zeong. Now that's something new ^^ but does that also means there'll be no display stand available for this Zeonography?

Giant legs for Perfect Zeong.
Images from Tamashii Web.

Also available next February is Mobile Suit in Action Hazel Custom. It's a bit late now for this very well received mecha from AOZ, don't you think so? But release date aside, this MSIA is really quite cool. Apart from the nice paint work, it comes with a lot of weapons and equipments for you to play around with as well.


Two rifles, three shields, a good deal XD

Some details inside the backpack.
Images from Tamashii Web.

And of course, not forgetting the huge Jumbo Grade Zeta Gundam:

When the image is resized to this small, it looks more like the HGUC version instead.
Image from GA Graphics.