Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Assembling Gundam Unicorn

As reported on Monday, Gunpla Secret Base is already busy building his MG Unicorn, and no doubt being watched enviously (and maybe even jealously ^^;) by folks who can't wait to get their hands on this masterpiece. Well, he is not the only one enjoying MG Unicorn at the moment, as Datsu! Mikkabouzu also managed to get his hands on one sample release, and when I checked this morning, he seemed to have completed the upper body already.

So, remember to bookmark those pages if you want to keep yourself updated with their daily progress on this kit.

Also, Akina Hobby has one straight assembled Unicorn on display.

Now that's one brilliant way to display this marvelous model :)
Image from Akina Hobby.

It's great to see that even the magazines of the beam rifle are molded in separate colors :)
Image from Akina Hobby.

The shield kind-of reminds me of the Satellite Cannon System of Gundam X.

The yellow portion of the V-fin needs painting, as predicted long ago. But it looks nice even with just the foil sticker given.
On the other hand, with limited expansion of the cheek, Unicorn's face looks a bit squarish.
Image from Gunpla Secret Base.

Oops, the V-fin can't be closed tightly ^^; I kind-of foreseen this at the very beginning, since the surface of the V-fin isn't flat to allow it to be folded perfectly. Since then I was hoping that Bandai can produce some tricks to remedy that, but I suppose it really can't be helped ^^;
Luckily a single horn is included to swap with the V-fin for Unicorn in Normal mode.
Image from Gunpla Secret Base.

MG_Unicorn_Face01_s MG_Unicorn_Face02_s
Can't wait to try out the transformation of Unicorn's head myself. By the way, it seems like you need to detach the cheek for the process.
Image from Gunpla Secret Base.

The body unit of the model is quite complex as well, having to be able to expand the shoulder area for the NT-D mode, but not sacrificing the articulation at the same time.
Image from Gunpla Secret Base.

I wonder if the two locks indicated are meant to hold the model as it changes height in the different modes. So the body will actually become taller and bigger? Cool^^
Image from Gunpla Secret Base.

Transformation of the shoulder. I hope it will hold in that expanded mode ^^;
Image from Datsu! Mikkabouzu.

Simple yet effective mechanism for the arm. The very round elbow joints seem quite refreshing. Not to be mistaken with the knee joint of HG Exia ^^;
Image from Datsu! Mikkabouzu.

The forearms not only has a pair of hidden beam sabers, but can mount the beam rifle as well.
Image from Datsu! Mikkabouzu.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should continue to visit those sites regularly for more Unicorn updates, because the more I see it, the more I feel like going to Japan right this moment to get one myself ^^;