Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Master Grade 2008: My Dream List Part II

Continued from yesterday, I'm prolonging m MG fantasy to another posting XD

(6) MSN-04II Nightingale
Why Not? - I was so hoping for this big red monster to be released after Hi-Nu Gundam. But I suppose that's really hard, almost impossible because of its size, and overall design. Its humongous armors would probably decrease the articulation regardless of how well Bandai can redesign all the joints. Also, don't forget the price issue as well.

Here's a very 'strange' of calculating the possible price for MG Nightingale ^^;
Bandai's MG Hi-Nu = 7,000 Yen = 28 percent of the original Hi-Nu Kit by B-Club in 1997;
So, a possible MG Nightingale at the same ratio to the original kit by B-Club in 2002 = 28% x 68,000 = 19,040 Yen

Like I said, a very strange calculation method which is of course inaccurate, but even if the price is lower, say 10,000 or 15,000 Yen, this Nightingale will still be a very difficult wish list item to be fulfilled.

I'm sure Bandai takes that into consideration since a long time ago.

Nightingale is still an awesome Zeon mecha nonetheless.

(7) RMS-154 Refined Barzam (Gundam Sentinel Ver.)
Why Not? - As compared to the original Barzam appeared in Zeta Gundam, the Refined version emphasizes more on the overall mechanical feel (thanks to Hajime Katoki). For me, this Barzam looks like how Gundam Mk. II would be modified if it's being hijacked by the Zeon remnants ^^ The mono-eye design and the huge vernier on the groin are quite refreshing. Should be quite refreshing if it receives an MG release.

But for a Gundam Sentinel variations, the chance of release is extremely slim. I guess Barzam's fans can only be happy with its GFF version.

Refined Barzam's designated weapon of the beam rifle and Bazooka combo is my favorite weapons of all.

(8) AGX04 Gerbera Tetra
Why Not? - So many mecha from UC0083: Stardust Memory being released in previous years, and I just can't help but to wonder why Cima Garahau-sama's Gerbera Tetra isn't on the list. It didn't even made it into the HGUC series a while back when several UC0083 mecha were 'revived'. GP02A and Powered GM got their shots, but Gerbera Tetra was left out again.

So, following this sad trend, it's foreseeable that Gerbera Tetra isn't going to get her shot next year either.

Why is she being ignored so many times in so many product line is really beyond my understanding.

(9) CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X
Why Not? - I was hoping that with the release of MG Turn A, his arch-rival Turn X will get the chance to be MG-lized as well. But Turn X is a really strange MS. Apart from the very non-conventional design like Turn A, it's able to break its whole body into different pieces to attack the enemy. How the articulation works when the joints are supposed to break off at the same time isn't easy to design ^^;

Plus, as an important MS in that series which doesn't even get a HG 1/100 release sure tells you a lot on its chances to come out in MG format ^^;

Since it's a non-Gundam MS, I found myself being able to accept Turn X's design easier than Turn A when I first saw the designs from that series.

(10) MSN-001 Delta Gundam
Why Not? - Delta Gundam is a variation from Gundam MS Graphica, and is the transformable version of Hyaku Shiki. Because of its faulty transformation sequence, the Waverider design was stripped, and Delta Gundam became Hyaku Shiki as seen in the anime. The Waverider concept was only perfected in Zeta Gundam.

That's the story, but a transformable bling-bling is going to be great isn't it? XD

But for a mecha with very limited popularity and exposure, I really doubt the possibility of an MG Delta Gundam next year.

Being a mecha designed by Hajime Katoki, maybe Delta will be bundled with Delta Plus as seen is Gundam Unicorn as a GFF release instead?