Sunday, December 09, 2007

HG 1/144 Virtue & HCM-Pro Nadleeh

Straight assembled HG 1/144 Gundam Virtue spotted on Lifezoids.

I guess after the announcement of Virtue's second form, everybody should be clear why even Virtue's face is designed to be so 'fat' XD

Lifezoids_Virtue_02_s Lifezoids_Virtue_03_s
The huge GN Bazooka's playability is quite rich.

Lifezoids_Virtue_04_s Lifezoids_Virtue_05_s
He might be fat, but he is still capable for many action poses.

Lifezoids_Virtue_06_s Lifezoids_Virtue_07_s
Unbelievably, Virtue is the first 1/144 Double O model to be equipped with a real beam saber. Exia comes with one which requires painting for the blade, while Dynames and Kyrios are only given the hilts ^^;
The GN Cannons can be hand held as well ^^

I'm waiting for the 1/100 scale version next year for extra huge parts and armor thickness, but I suspect its price might reach 3,000 Yen because of the size.

Al images from Lifezoids.

Back to a more hot topic ^^; Announcing: the official name for GN-004 is Nadle Nadleeh (whatever that means ^^;)

See, I bluff you not~ XD

Also, Mike mentioned just now that the HCM-Pro version of Virtue comes with the armor-off feature to convert into Nadle, err, I mean Nadleeh.

Now I finally know why this HCM-Pro is so expensive - 3,800 Yen. With such function designed for the small scale (1/200), I think the price is quite reasonable.

Brilliant! o_0
Click to view the complete image.

What I think in short:
(1) If Bandai can design Gundam Nadleeh, do watch out for realization of Gundam Unicorn in HCM-Pro format in the future.

(2) Since it's possible for such delicate function on a HCM-Pro figure, surely the 1/100 scale model of Virtue should have the same ability as well - unless Bandai is saving such feature for a possible MG release in the future, which seems quite possible at this moment, judging from the sensation generated from the announcement of Gundam Nadleeh a few days ago.

Now, back to watch Gundam Double O Episode 10 ^^