Friday, December 28, 2007

1/144 Gundam Astraea


After much 'taunting' (we just get to see some photos of its part tree, and a finished model without any pose), finally someone assembled and reviewed the conversion kit of Gundam Astraea from Dengeki Hobby ^^

Arigato Cagalli-bi-san!

Cagallibi_Astraea_02_s Cagallibi_Astraea_03_s
Being a prize from a hobby magazine, don't expect the quality of the kit to be on par with the models from Bandai, but a little more patience and hard work can definitely improve the appearance of your Gundam Astraea.

I think the beam part for the beam saber is from 1/144 Virtue ^^;

Cagallibi_Astraea_06_s Cagallibi_Astraea_07_s
The beam rifle actually belongs to HGUC Hazel Custom or Advanced Hazel XD

All images from Cagalli-bi.

By the way, have you notice something funny about the package cover of Gundam Astraea? ^^

No? OK, here's the answer: (highlight to read) the designation code for Astraea is supposed to be GNY-001, but the box printed "GYN-001" instead.

Just for laughter XD