Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kamen Rider Kiva

"The world is under the threat of Fangire, vampiric creatures that feed off the life energy of humans. Only a young hero who is the son of a human father and a Fangire mother stands in their way..."

No no, I'm not talking about Wesley Snipes's Blade here ^^

Anyway, Blade is supposed to be born of human mother and vampire father. Instead, that's the primary plot line for the upcoming Kamen Rider Kiva.


I really like the design of Kamen Rider the first time I saw it. But the theme of vampire in a Kamen Rider series just doubles my interest in it.

This new series will be on air in Japan on the 27th of January. I better mark that date on my calendar ^^

I wonder if his ultimate foe is going to be someone like Count Dracula XD

A very funny-looking Changer...

...called Kivat-bat the 3rd

Kamen Rider uses the whistles on his belt called Festles to access his attacks 0_0

His ultimate attack is call Darkness Moon Break, which seems like a K-O kick in this photo.

Kiva's base of operation, Castle Dran, which is the combo of a castle and a dragon.

The basic figure of Kiva will be out at the end of January at the price of 840 Yen.

Another action figure scheduled, with plenty of articulations for all his action poses. His leg armors can open to reveal his ultimate attack as well!

Read more about this upcoming Kamen Rider series on Wikipedia.

Most images from Toysdaily.