Friday, December 07, 2007

New Super Sentai Series

No no, this time it's not a fan creation anymore ^^

After Gekiranger, a new series of Super Sentai is planned for next year. So in 2008, we'll be watching:

Not sure about the Japanese title, but they sure looks like the "second generation" of Liveman to me ^^;

No pink ranger for the second season in a row :(

And of course, a new Sentai squad must be equipped with new Zoids:

It looks very vintage to me ^^;

Black wild boar (?) sport car

Green shark motorbike XD Would it look nicer if it's for the Blue Ranger instead?

Don't know about you, but I really don't get the theme for this new Super Sentai. Vehicle? Animal? or maybe it's the hybrid of both. Anyway, in my opinion, their Megaord is really one ugly robot ^^; The legs are so plainly rectangular, and having three pair of huge eyes stacking on top of each others to form the body sure looks a bit freaky XD

Appearance aside, it seems that the Green and Black Rangers are not needed for assembling the Megazord, since it can be formed perfectly from just the other three. I wonder why is it designed in such a way? Shouldn't teamwork and unity be the numbe one theme for all the Sentai series?

On the other hand, the new Kamen Rider is really cool :D

This is Kamen Rider Kiba. The sharp face design and high collar looks wicked. Image from Dannychoo.

I stopped watching Kamen Rider after Kuuga. Maybe I should pick up the interest again ^^