Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Master Grade 2008: My Dream List Part I

After discussing about possible MG releases in 2008 last Thursday and Saturday, lets talk about our dream list, which refers to mecha we are hoping to see being MG-lized, but with low possibility because of their popularity, size and details (which determines their price) or any other factors deterring them from being part of Bandai's plan. Since I'm not in Bandai, this is what I think and see from current MG trend, and a bit of speculation on the company's business objectives.

(1) MSN-06S Sinanju
Why not? - Even before the arrival of its MG, Gundam Unicorn receives almost all the attention when its Destroy Mode was revealed. However, there are many other MSs in that novel series which are extremely nice in design, including this Sinanju. Mainly in crimson but with golden ornaments on black parts all over its body, Sinanju looks like Sazabi reincarnated. Smaller, but very intimidating nonetheless.

But for an MG? Non quite. How many Zeon designs received their MG treatment so far anyway (excluding the color variations)? And looking at the size of Sinanju (22.6 meters), its price may spike up to 6,000 Yen if it's to be released - might not be attractive in terms of possible sales for Bandai.

Someone submitted a PG Sinanju at Singapore BAKUC 07 Open Category. Probably the one and only in the world 0_0
Images from Singapore BAKUC 07 Open Category. Thanks to Ed for providing the link.

(2) ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam
Why not? - We are moving away from SEED Destiny after MG Destiny and the commence of Gundam Double O, and further away with more SEED MSV coming out. So is Bandai going to return to SEED and release Justice?

Quite hard right? ^^;

I have a HG 1/100 Justice, and there are so many parts which I think could be improved in the possible MG release.

(3) MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Ver. 2.0
Why not? - You can get some hints for future MGs to be out from some current trend, for example other mecha from the same series (Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 --> Zeta Ver. 2.0), or the same mecha in other product lines, like GFF or HCM-Pro (GFF 1/100 Gundam Metal Composite with G Fighter --> MG Ver. 2.0) or based on the current Gundam series in various format (Gundam Unicorn). We can even speculate more variations to come from a particular current MG release (F91 --> Crossbone Ver. Ka. and Crossbone Full Cloth).

Have you seen any hint whatsoever for ZZ Gundam to come out? ^^;

The full transformation of ZZ was already made possible in Ver. 1.0, but with the advancement of the current Gunpla technology, I'm sure Bandai can come up with something way better than the previous release.

(4) Musha Gundam
Why not? - Musha Gundam is an original design from Gundam Musou, and is popular enough to receive a GFF release. Somehow I get the impression that this might be another MG Ver. Ka to be released next year.

But then again, Musha Gundam is based on Gundam Ver. Ka instead of the original RX-78-2. So in order to release this MG, Bandai may have to re-design the original in 2002 so that the details and articulation is up to current standard, which will be perhaps, Gundam Ver. Ka Ver. 2.0? Since we are going to get Gundam Ver. 2.0 next year, it's highly unlikely that Bandai will release so many Gundam variations next year, and let them cancel out each others' sales.

2009 maybe?

Musha Gundam killer pose! ^^

(5) Vigna Ronah
Why not? - Never play the game (SD Gundam: G Generation Spirits) before, so I'm not sure how hot (or maybe not ^^) this Vigna Ronah is that game. But I really like the design. All those engravings on its body and the huge crown it bears are love at first sight for me ^^ But for a non-Gundam mecha which only appears in video game to get the MG treatment is highly unlikely.

Got to get me one of this!