Tuesday, December 18, 2007

50,000 Thanks and More!

According to my ClustrMaps counter, the number of visits to my blog exceeded the benchmark of 50,000 last Saturday (15 December) ^^

The counter isn't exactly accurate actually, since it sits on the home page of the blog, so the counter will only increase if you land on the home page. If you search through Google or Yahoo! and get linked to one of the postings of my blog, then the counter won't work ^^;

My Nuffnang account usually shows higher visitor number, since the advertisement units of Nuffnang are located in the individual page of each posting as well.

I still keep the ClustrMaps counter though, since that's one of the earliest feature on my blog ever since it was set up, and I don't feel like ditching it as yet.

Majority of my readers are actually from the United States ^^
Hello! American readers, how are you today? ^^

I would like to thank your support sincerely, and really hope that this blog provides some information you might find useful and interesting. There are many loyal readers to my blog (you know who you are XD) and I'm really thrilled to have you around, sharing the same interest in Gundam with me ^^

More Gundam updates or any other interesting stuff on my blog in the future to honor your support ^^ So stay tuned!