Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Sangokuden Characters

More characters from Sangokuden being announced, and this time, Sun Quan's brother Sun Ce GP02A, and Ma Chao Blue Destiny have arrived!! Awesome ^^

(Left) Sun Ce GP02A, (top center) Gan Ning Kampfer, (top right) Lv Meng Dijeh,
(bottom center) Li Ru Imperial Rig Shokew, (bottom right) Gao Sun Vayeate

A bit of introduction of each character:
* Sun Ce (孙策) - eldest son of Sun Jian (孙坚). His wife, Da Qiao (大乔) was the sister of Zhou Yu's wife.
* Gan Ning (甘宁) - one of the generals of Wu
* Lv Meng (吕蒙) - Wu's general, most famous for defeating and capturing Guan Yu (关羽)
* Li Ru (李儒) - Dong Zhuo (董卓)'s strategist - killed by Lv Bu (吕布) after the death of Dong Zhuo
* Gao Shun (高顺) - One of Lv Bu's most trusted warriors.

(Left to right) Ma Cao Blue Destiny, Taishi Ci Dom, Wen Chou Gazu-L

* Ma Chao (马超) - One of the most powerful warriors under Liu Bei (刘备). Well known for his striking white armors and mount. Some says his combat skills are second to Guan Yu and Lv Bu only.
* Tashi Ci (太史慈) - One of Wu's general.
* Wen Chou (文丑) - Together with Yan Liang (颜良), two of Yuan Shao (袁绍)'s greatest warriors. Killed by Guan Yu when he served under Cao Cao.

(Top center) Xu Huang Serpent Custom
(Top right) Cao Cao's soldier EMS-06 Batara (?)

(Top left to right) Hua Xiong Zanneck, Chen Gong Mercurius, Gao Shun Vayeate
(Bottom left to right) Zhang Liao Gelgoog, Xu Huang Serpent Custom.
Image from Sangokuden Official Site.

* Xu Huang (徐晃) - One of Cao Cao's most trusted warriors.
* Hua Xiong (华雄) - Dong Zhuo's top general. In the original novel, he was said to be killed by Guan Yu before the wine Guan Yu drank prior to the battle turned cold (温酒斩华雄).
* Chen Gong (陈宫) - Together with Gao Shun, he served under Lv Bu. Killed when refused to surrender to Cao Cao.
* Zhang Liao (张辽) - Like Xu Huang, a loyal warrior under Cao Cao, who also served under his son, Cao Pi (曹丕).