Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PG Hi-Nu Gundam Completed

Step aside MG Unicorn; step aside 1/60 Exia, make way for Perfect Grade Hi-Nu Gundam 0_0


It's being around a month after the last update on this PG Strike conversion kit from G System Shop, and it's finally completed now! With the inner frame of PG Strike, you can be certain that the articulation for this monster is going to be great. There are many parts of this mecha which are redesigned by the fine folks at G System Shop as well, including the Funnel, backpack 'beak', beam rifle and the shield.

Being a conversion kit that requires some serious airbrushing skills, and with such a high price tag - $340, this one is definitely out from my list (as a matter of fact, it never crossed my mind ever ^^;), but it's always great to see such an awesome model which can make you fall in love with Gunpla all over again~

GSys_PG_HiNu_02_s GSys_PG_HiNu_03_s
GSys_PG_HiNu_04_s GSys_PG_HiNu_05_s
GSys_PG_HiNu_06_s GSys_PG_HiNu_07_s
GSys_PG_HiNu_09_s GSys_PG_HiNu_10_s
GSys_PG_HiNu_11_s GSys_PG_HiNu_12_s

All images from G System Shop.