Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gundam Merchandises for January & February

EDITED: Included some updates on Gundam merchandises coming in February as well

Some upcoming Gundam merchandises in January 2008:

HG 1/100 Kyrios - 2,600 Yen. There's really not much difference in terms of its articulation as compared to the 1/144 scale version, with credit goes to Bandai's unbeatable design and technology. This 1/100 scale Kyrios does have richer details all over the body. I sure hope that the color separation is better this time as well, especially for the gray interior of the shoulder armors, which is totally omitted in the smaller scale release.

Unfortunately, the description didn't say anything about a display stand, so I can safely assume that you will need to get that separately. Too bad.


HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi - 1,500 Yen. Pink Tieren is really pink ^^ The extra equipments, mainly the two shoulder shields and the 'milk bottle' (? XD) stuck on her err, butt ^^; will surely make the already bulky Tieren much bigger. It would be quite a funny scene when you line her up with the very thin Union Flag XD


HGUC ReGZ - 2,800 Yen. Now here's an HG kit with a bang ^^ 2,800 Yen is quite an expensive price tag for a 1/144 scale model. But HGUC kits are always more superior than the other HGs. This ReGZ is basically the condensed version of the MG release several years ago, but I believe with much better design and articulation instead.

But as with 1/100 Kyrios, I don't think a display stand is included either :(


HG 1/144 Rudolf's Gouf Ignited - 1,500 Yen. Is that a girl? LOL For your information, this is the 4th Gouf Ignited in the line, after Heine's Customized version, the mass productive version, as well as Yzak Jule's Customized version. I don't have the chance to read SEED Frame Astray, yet. Is this Gouf Ignited good? Fans of this mecha might be interested, but not for me >_<



MG Black Tri-star Customized Zaku II - 4,500 Yen. Part of the description I understand is six figures of the Black Tri-star squadron is included (three in Normal Suit - standing, three for the cockpit). Apart from the enlarged forearm armor, new legs and backpack, there's not much difference as compared to the previous Ver. 2.0.


HCM-Pro Ground Type GM - 2,200 Yen. The marking on the body says "EFF". Is that a new designation? or maybe a shorten one XD. I only know EFSF and EFGF (S - Space, G - Ground) existed ^^ Anyway, the weapons should be compatible with the previously released Ground Type Gundam and Ez8, so if you have those two figures, get this GM as well to enrich the armament list of your EFGF squadron.


Jumbo Grade Zeta - February release, 26,800 Yen. For your information, this is the 7th JG release (3rd if you count out the four color variations of Gundam and Zaku). Check out all the JG models here. The initial release will also include a poster illustrated by Yuuzi Kaida. Zeta fans, are you interested?


HCM-Pro GM Sniper - February release, 2,500 Yen. A commemorative item for the 50th release of the HCM-Pro line. The missile launcher of the Ground Type GM is swapped with the Sniper Rifle and a camouflage coat. But guess what, it's being added onto the "limited release" list >_<


HCM-Pro Exia Special Painted - February release, 4,200 Yen. Apart from the metallic coating on this entire figure, I'm more interested in the marking of the sensor on the head and chest. Such details for such a small figure (1/200 scale) is just unbelievable.