Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gundam Unicorn Color Variations

Apart from being hot in sales, Gundam Unicorn is probably the hottest Gunpla topic around at the moment, but you know what? the transformation isn't the only thing people talk about this model ^_^

There's a coloring competition going on Toysdaily, which I think is just for fun and without any prizes, where you just Photoshop MG Unicorn into any color you like. Of course each of those color variations must come with a theme, or follow certain other characters or mecha you know of.

There are more than 20 variations available now, and all of the work are extremely creative and done with the greatest amount of patience. Some I find to be extremely hilarious, like Unicorn Dragonball Z Ver. and even a Doraemon Ver. XD

Here are some of the pictures from the website:

UnicornColor_01_s UnicornColor_02_s
Personally, I find Unicorn in blue Psychoframe (right) to be much more cooler than the original one with red Psycho frame.

UnicornColor_04_s UnicornColor_04_s
Titans' Gundam Unicorn (even though the Titans should be extinct at the time Unicorn appears ^^;) and Mazinger

UnicornColor_05_s UnicornColor_06_s
Unicorn's horn looks perfectly fit for it to be turned into Evangelion Unit 1 XD
On the right is the extremely hot-blooded GaoGaiGar.

UnicornColor_07_s UnicornColor_07_s
Unicorn Convoy Ver. and Kamen Rider V3 Ver. XD
Things just get crazier and more extreme now XD

UnicornColor_09_s UnicornColor_10_s
Getter Robo and Kikaider :-D
Kikaider is a Japanese sci-fi character in the '70s which I'm extremely not familiar with ^^;

UnicornColor_11_s UnicornColor_12_s
Doraemon Unicorn, complete with the red nose some more! XD
Gaiking stands speechless on the right ^^

Gundam Astrays? Look closer ^^

All images from Toysdaily.

Those of you with airbrush, any inspiration on how to paint your Unicorn?