Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gundam Card Game

Gundam Card Game, anyone?

Personally, I never played the game, so I have no idea about the rules and game-play. Can you place your Gundam Exia card against your friend's Zeta? Zaku II versus Tieren? Wing Gundam versus Nu Gundam? Who's 'bigger'? Who can 'eat' who? I don't know ^^;

I like to collect these cards though, not the real ones, but the ones occasionally posted by 'generous' people in online forums. I saw a few sets of Gundam Card Game on sale in my local toy store before, but I'm certain I'll never spend money to buy them ^^; since available budget I have would be going towards Gunpla instead.

Anyway, I always like these cards, the illustration of these cards are always awesome.

Leopard from Gundam X, and Force Impulse, which I'm sure which famous scene in SEED Destiny this illustration is based upon.

Some cards feature MSV mecha or those which never made it to anime or manga series, and these cards became the only place you get to see them in action.

Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Gyan from some Play Station game (Gihren's Greed?) and Gundam Mk. V from Gundam Sentinel.

Of course, new Gundams are also available for those who do not assemble Gunpla or collect any of their action figures.

Gundam Card Game featuring Exia and Dynames are among the product 'web' based on Gundam Double O, capable of 'ensnaring' Gundam fans in almost any area XD

Characters and pilots are also not 'exempted' XD from being featured in Gundam Card Game as well

Shiho from SEED MSV and Master Asia. Shiho is one of my favorite female characters from SEED. Is she really the girlfriend of Yzak? ^^

Well, the possibility is never ending anyway :)

S Gundam and Fuunsaiki, Master Asia's horse. S Gundam's values at the bottom of the card are the highest among all in this posting, does that means he's the strongest?

If you a fan of Gundam Card Game as well, do share your experience or your collection in the comment section ^^