Thursday, January 24, 2008



A completed HGUC ReGZ from Lifezoids.

The beam sword is definitely bigger than the MG version, and the mount rack allows the shield to be mounted on two sides of the forearms.

The forearm and waist armor grenade launchers are the downsized version of that from the MG release, but if not mistaken, the waist armor launchers are fixed, and the grenades can't be pushed out.

Better elbow and shoulder articulation than the MG version...

...and so is that of the legs as well ^^;

The BWS (Backpack Weapon System) is just as detailed as the MG version, but being smaller (and of newer technology), I'm sure it's more durable for 'extended' play ^^

The only disadvantage of this HGUC ReGZ as compared to his MG counterpart is the lack of a display stand (which is really a big issue anyway).

All images from Lifezoids.

If you're interested to buy the MG version instead, check out my previous review on that Gunpla kit.