Friday, January 18, 2008

MG Strike Noir E and HCM-Pro Tieren

As you know, the 'new' MG for next month is MG Strike Noir E with IWSP.

Somehow I really don't feel that the conventional white-blue-red color scheme is suitable for Strike Noir. With that paint scheme, it looks too similar to Strike, which kills off a lot of fun ('Strike again?' you may exclaim), and for the face/mask, white is really not the right color to show the strength of Strike Noir.

Well, at least I think so.

His face kind-of reminds me of... Tora Aman ^^;
SEED Frame Astray fans, please don't kill me for saying that XD
Image from Toysdaily.

Anyway, if you don't have Strike + IWSP and Strike Noir, then you might want to consider this Strike Noir E. Plenty of weapons from Strike Noir himself (two beam pistol, wired anchor and beam rifle), plus from the IWSP (the many cannons, heat sword, Gatling shield, beam javelin, and the mighty Grand Slam) as well. That means plenty of parts for you to have fun with too.

As for those who have either one of those two earlier kits mentioned (like me), or both o_0: would you get another Strike?

My answer is a strict no-no. ^^;

On the other hand, HCM-Pro Ground Type Tieren coming in late April is going to be quite fun, because it features parts to convert it into the cannon or bombardment type as seen in one of the earliest episode of Gundam Double O.

No wonder the price is 3,150 Yen. HCM-Pro fans, are you interested?
Image from Toysdaily.