Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Transformers Recolored

Apart from Gunpla, Transformers toy is another product line I know of, which have plenty of recolored variations out in the market. Apart from color variations, some models are featured in battle damage versions, with scars on the body and a little dirtier paint scheme. I know Mike got one Battle Damage Jazz.

There are many figures from last year's movie being released 'again' in different colors of course. There are more actually, and I'm pretty sure I missed many of them in this posting. Since my primary interest is in Gundam, not Transformers, seeing so many 'new' Transformers figures altogether is like waking up in the morning and find myself in a new bedroom XD

Anyway, here are the few recolored Transformers figures I found. Click on the link beneath each picture for more details (the website, Taobao.com is in Chinese):

RecoloredBrawl_02_s RecoloredBrawl_03_s
Deep Desert Brawl, in Leader Class some more!!

RecoloredStrascream_s RecoloredBrawl_s
Deep Space Starscream (I lost the list to this Starscream ^^;) and All Spark Upgraded (?) Brawl.

Stealth Mode Bumblebee - the head is changed, with visor lowered :)
(from Toysdaily)

BattleDamageArcee_s RecoloredBumblebee_s
Battle Damage Arcee and All Spark Upgraded (?) Bumblebee.

RecoloredFAB_Brawl_s RecoloredFAB_Megatron_s
Night Attack Megatron and Desert Blast Brawl.

RecoloredFAB_Rachet_s RecoloredFAB_Bumblebee_s
Rescue Torch Ratchet and Rally Rocket Bumblebee.

A new character, Incinerator which seems to appear after the event in the movie.

It seems like Brawl and Bumblebee are the favorite character to be recolored I see so far. The 'tank-thing' must be quite proud of himself now ^^