Monday, January 14, 2008

The Next Super HCM-Pro

The next Super HCM-Pro figure is Char's Zaku II, coming in late April at the price of 7,140 Yen:

It seems like Bandai gave this SHCM-Pro Zaku II a brand new design as well. You can expect some serious hatch-opening features as well ^^

Kind of obvious isn't it? As the rival of RX-78-2, as well as the most famous Zeon MS from One Year War, Char's Zaku II is a sure-release in this 'upgraded' extension of the HCM-Pro line. The real question is when and the quality. Now you know the time, and a bit of information about its design from the photo above. I'm sure we'll get to see more of it very soon.

On the other hand, Tieren Ground Type will receive his HCM-Pro treatment. He will also be coming in late April at the price of 3,150 Yen.

Tieren Taozi may be next (personal speculation ^^)

Two big Gunpla releases (actually they are very small ^^;) in April include Speed Grade 03: Zeta Gundam, and 04: God Gundam. Each of them is priced at 998 Yen.

SGZeta_s SGGod_s
The Speed Grade line is releasing all Gundams so far. Maybe Bandai is still testing the market before venturing into Zeon mecha and others?

Not sure if Zeta will be transformable, but the details of these little fellas are simply awesome~ In 1/200 scale, those markings on the body are still very clear, not to mention the action possible with each of them as well.

All images from Toysdaily.