Friday, January 04, 2008

Nu Gundam Evolved Ver.

If you don't know this already, there is an 'Evolved' version of Nu Gundam. It debuted in Gundam Evolve, Episode 5 to be specific, which is a very short CG animation of the fight scene between Amuro Ray's Nu Gundam and Quess Paraya's Alpha Azieru. Rather than being loyal to the original Char's Counterattack, the short animation has a totally different ending.

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Anyway, Nu Gundam Evolved Ver. received quite a bit of attention after that, and I remember resin kit manufacturer G System Shop did designed and produced a 1/72 scale model for this Nu.

Another company, Vicious Project developed a conversion pack for Nu Evolved Ver. using MG Nu Gundam.

As you can see, Nu Gundam Evolved Ver. is the 'armor burst' XD mode of Nu ('armor burst' is 爆甲 in mandarin, which is a term usually used on hot-blooded giant robots).

I would like to talk more about this kit, or the company, but there's just too little information about them which I can gather (they have an empty page in the 'About Us' section ^^;) at the moment. Anyway, this conversion pack has been sold out. Not surprising though, since in their splash page, it was mentioned that the company only produce a limited 100 sets of this conversion kit, which prompt me to speculate that this might be a very small scale resin kit producer.

Nonetheless, the end product is awesome ^^

Looks great! But apart from the coolsome-ness, I often wonder that's the practical purpose of such 'armor burst' design ^^; better ventilation? heat dispersion?

Some tiny armor pieces for the arms - remind me of PG Strike's arm.

A lot of details given to the design of the feet, some which might be concealed under the armors. A lot of credits to the designer for attention given to these areas.

All images from Vicious Project.