Saturday, January 26, 2008

HG Throne Eins, SRW Arblade Custom and Others

Official item photos of HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Eins, Tieren Space Type and MG Nu Gundam Metallic Coating Ver.:

HGThroneBox HGTierenBox
Box covers for both kits. Will we get to see that cannon being fired tomorrow? ^^

Throne Eins's official colors are a bit different from the straight assembled version reviewed the other day, and that cannon sure is huge! o_0

Tieren Space Type on the other hand, isn't too exciting for me anymore after the release of the Ground Type and Taozi ^^;

Some newly design decals are included in this shiny silver kit. The price is 8,500 Yen.

Also, 1/144 Arblade Custom from Kotobukiya's Super Robot War series is finally out on sales. I mentioned about this kit many many moon ago, and I'm glad to finally see it now. I hope to see the reviews of this kit soon.

It looks like a display stand is included for this kit.

Arblade Custom's head design reminds me of V Gundam Hexa.

After a while, I sort of feel that the pair of wings is a bit too big for Arblade Custom ^^;

All images from Toysdaily.