Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MG Zaku Cannon & Others

EDITED: Added news on Dengeki Japan March issue and 1/35 Zeta.

I saw the pictures of MG Zaku Cannon on Toysdaily last night, and just thought, "Well, it's just another Zaku mod."

Image from Mahq.net.
Read more about this mecha on Mahq.net.

This morning I read on Gunota Headlines that this Zaku Cannon is actually a future MG release planned by Bandai!

I knew that there are going to be many variations coming out after the first MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 was released, but I never expected Zaku Cannon to be one of them ^^; Not that it's a bad design, but I don't suppose many people know about him, and that might influence the decision for the purchase. It's also very funny that Gunota Headlines uses "explicitly" to confirm the release of this MG. I suppose many people will regard this news as a hoax and some effort needs to be put in to make people believe in it.

MGZakuCannon02_s MGZakuCannon02_s
Images from Bandai Hobby Center's Space diary of the Captain blog .

Anyway, one thing for sure,Zaku Cannon is going to be the first MG Zaku variaton without having to bear the "Ver. 2.0" title XD

On a separate note, Dengeki Japan March issue will feature the following goodies (and also other cool stuff not mentioned here of course):

It seems to me that the cover story of the magazine is very dependant on the Master Grade releases from Bandai...

...even a variation of MG Zaku II gets to be on the center stage. Is this a sign to show that the Master Grade line is the most prestigious Gunpla right now?

Gundam Plutone from 00F, with new equipment?

Zaku Warrior with the Kerberos pack from SEED Frame Astray... not exactly a new mecha anymore ^^;

Plenty of Gurren Lagann figures as well - they seem to be entries from a recent competition of some sort.
Images from Dengeki Hobby Web.

Another 'big' news is the announcement of 1/35 Zeta coming in March at 28,140 Yen. A bit confusing though, since the initial news was the release of a Jumbo Grade Zeta next month at the price of 26,800 Yen. Hobbylink Japan confirmed the sales of this model, but appearance-wise, this 1/35 scale Zeta looks amazingly similar to the Jumbo Grade equivalent.

Thanks to who-ever put his hand in for the photo. Now you get to know the size of this monster ^^
Image from Toysdaily.

My speculation is that this 1/35 scale Zeta is the Jumbo Grade release mentioned, as its release date, as well as the price has being changed. More updates about this merchandise in the future.