Monday, January 07, 2008

Poking Fun at Gundam SEED and Destiny

I just watched four episodes of SD Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny, and found them to be extremely funny ^^; Unlike the original SD Gundam, these SEED and SEED Destiny parodies poke fun at the characters instead of the mobile suits. Apart from the wacky stories and animation, I really like how the original music from SEED and SEED Destiny are used in many scenes. You get a very strange feeling that the music are supposed to be from some serious fight scenes from the original anime, but what you're watching is not XD

Lacus and Meer welcome you ^^

Another great stuff about these SD anime is that the characters are voiced by their original cast. Yzak's trademark hot temper and his trademark shouting seems exceptionally suitable in these cute anime. Watching the always-serious Shin and Rey in these few episodes is also a funny experience ^^;

Each episode is very short, just about 9 minutes. I only managed to watched four epsiodes so far on Tudou. I'm sure there are more actually, I've seen screen shots from seemingly other epsiodes before, so if you know where to look for them, do leave a comment ^^ Here are the links to the four episodes I watched (since they are from Tudou, they have Chinese subtitles, and the title of each episode are made up by me XD):
- Yzak's Discovery
- Yzak's Revenge
- Destroy Tori!
- Shin's Concert

Yzak's Discovery - Yzak is upset with the continuous defeat to Athrun, such as in this... eating competition XD

Yzak's Discovery - A video game session that requires helmets to be worn. Hmm...

Yzak's Discovery - Yzak finally understand the ultimate secret. What's with that white Haro with Yzak's hairstyle?

Yzak's Discovery - SD Cagalli is super-cute ^o^

Yzak's Discovery - Cagalli in SEED Mode transforms into Strike Rouge ^^

Yzak's Discovery - Lacus in SEED Mode can use her stare and words to defeat the enemies ^^
Quite true actually

Yzak's Revenge - Yzak with his new discovery challenges Athrun and Kira to a game of volleyball, but...

Yzak's Revenge - Yzak launches his SEED Mode attack!

Yzak's Revenge - Kira and Athrun are KO-ed. You will never get to see that kind of drawing for the eyes in any SEED and SEED Destiny episode XD

Yzak's Revenge - Can Yzak finally get his revenge this time?

Destroy Tori! - Shin, Lunamaria and Rey are given the assignment to destroy the friendship between Athrun and Kira when they are still young.

Destroy Tori! - Octopus mouths XD

Destroy Tori! - You'll never get to see such a lovable Rey anywhere else :D

Destroy Tori! - Something is wrong with Tori's body size XD...

Destroy Tori! - ... and the ZAFT trio notice that as well. How are they going to succeed in this assignment?

Destroy Tori! - Shin's SEED Mode...?!

Destroy Tori! - Shin with Destiny's beam wing versus gaint Tori! Who will survive?

Destroy Tori! - I just can't stop laughing at Kira's eyes XD

Destroy Tori! - That's Merilyn, hardly recognizable XD

Shin's Concert - The ZAFT trio on another mission given by Dullindal, but Lunamaria made a huge discovery...

Shin's Concert - ...which KO-ed her XD

Shin's Concert - Mission Impossible Rey...

Shin's Concert - KO-ed as well XD

Shin's Concert - Only Shin is left to accomplish the mission ^^

Shin's Concert - What's Shin planning anyway? ;-)

Shin's Concert - Still remember all of them :)

Shin's Concert - A new Lacus ?!