Saturday, January 19, 2008

HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi

Climax F just assembled his Tieren Taozi. If you're a fan of Soma Peries ^^, or her pinkish Tieren, please have a look at the review if you're planning to get one yourself.

With the mono-eye camera being able to move, this Tieren Taozi (as well as the normal type Tieren as well) can pose with very intimidating looks.

HetareTierenTaozi01_s HetareTierenTaozi02_s
HetareTierenTaozi03_s HetareTierenTaozi04_s
The shoulder shields are quite flexible for you to play with, but you would be amazed at how simple their joints were designed.

Comparison with Tieren Ground Type: Taozi is a lot bigger and bulky, even though it's designed to be of higher mobility and maneuverability.

All images from Climax F.