Friday, January 18, 2008

Transformers Valentine

Celebrate this Valentine with Transformers!

It's quite early to post anything about Valentine at this moment, but here's a suggestion for those who want to express their "more-than-meets-the-eyes" feeling to their love ones.

I present to you:

Transformers Valentine Cards

Can't make out what's the text on the card of Megatron, but I wonder if anyone would actually send out this kind of cards ^^;

Anyway, I'm sure these cards suit the taste of hardcore Transformers fans very much. Graphics and the creative wordings aside, anyone plan to use these cards for Valentine?

In case you think I bluff you XD, check out this item on ebay.

On a completely separate note (or maybe not XD), those who are having nightmares of Decepticon invasion can rejoice. Finally, the Autobots are here to protect you, even in your slumber.

I present to you:

Autobots pillows, blanket, and most probably bed sheet as well

That's right kiddies, don't worry and go to sleep. We, the Autobots are going to protect you from all harm (excluding your mom of course).

In case you think I bluff you again XD, Check out this item on ebay and the listing of another cooler version.