Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 15

Broken Wing

This time, it's war!

After last week's build-up, we get some serious combat scenes this week. The Gundam Meisters face over 800 MSs in a well planned location by the enemy. Tieren, Flag, Enact are all coming for them, and this is no Gundam Musou XD. The Gundams are in serious trouble this time. As a matter of fact, the attack on the Gundams is so intense, they are in defensive stance almost the entire time. Even the many backup plans of Sumeragi are helpless against the whole world...

The best episode so far. A must-watch!

Other interesting points to watch out for:
(1) Flag MSV
(2) Allelujah/Hallelujah
(3) GN Bazooka Burst Mode
(4) Heine Westenfluss XD
(5) Deja-vu

You can watch this episode on Tudou (with Chinese subtitle).

Next episode, Episode 16's title is Trinity, so you know who's coming ^^ Actually you can get a pretty good look at one of them at the very end of this episode, but watch out for more action coming from them next week.

Can't wait for that ^^

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