Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poking Fun at Gundam and Zaku

After poking fun at Gundam SEED and Gundam Double O, we now turn our attention onto other 'unfortunate' MSs. ^^; This time, the theme is Gundam and Zaku (in general). That means even more mecha will become victims XD

'Gattai' of all the earlier ZAFT Gundams from SEED Destiny - Somebody must be seriously bored with the overuse of Gundams in that series ^^;

Somebody has got to remind Zeta to stop his Mazinger fantasy XD

GundamTank ZakuTank_s
Gundam Tank that can generate great psychological effect on the Zeon pilots (makes them LOL so much they can't fight anymore XD)
The Zeon on the other hand, response to the efficiency of Gundam Tank by launching their Zaku Tank as well XD.


GundamZGock GundamZGock01_s
I think this is why the Zeon never consider adapting the design of Gundam into their MSs despite its popularity ^^;

Thinking that Nobel Gundam looks too much like Sailormoon? Here's the complete set for you XD

McDonald Rick-Dom: 'Want fries with that?'
Actually it should be 'What do you want me to fry?'

Gouf found a new part-time job when he's not being summoned to bash some Gundam... as Spider-Gouf XD

Dendrobium hijacked!!
The pilot of that Zaku must be Anavel Gato XD

What can be worse than Turn A's design (personal opinion)? - Tora Aman-style Turn A XD

And my favorite among all these images: Gundam docking sequence in the most ridiculously funny manner XD