Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miscellaneous Updates on Gundam Double O EDITED

EDITED: Added pictures of HG Gundam Throne Eins

Don’t feel like prolonging the previous posting anymore ^^;

I'll let the pictures do the talking this time:

A closer look on the upcoming 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh – his hair seem quite ugly in this picture, they look like some strange mustache instead ^^;

A super-heavy Tieren variation from 00V – Tieren Antiaircraft Cannon Type
Images from SRW Hotnews.

This is Neena Trinity – can't wait to see her this Saturday ^o^. Also, it seems that het pilot suit is different from that of the initial four Meisters as well.

Gundam Throne Eins (as well as the other two Thrones) looks way more complex than the other four Gundams.

I'm very interested to know how the Trinity team dock their cannons - will that come out this Saturday? ^^

The GN Drive in his chest is the only obvious connection with the other Gundams so far.
Images from Bandai's Space Diary of the Captain