Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 14

Dawn of Determination

New OP and ED ^^

This episode is very much an interim for the coming episodes. As predicted, the three bodies of the world has finally come into collaboration to capture the four Gundams. The Celestial Beings are definitely going to spoil the party with their armed intervention, but it's going to be awfully hard this hard. All the best pilots in the world have gathered for this operation, waiting to have their shares at the Gundams.

On the other hand, this episode also features a few noteworthy new characters for the coming episodes. Louisse's mother goes home, but Patrick is back. Yes!! Go Patrick! XD Although he got two punches from his hot new superior, I'm sure he won't mind about it at all. As a matter of fact, I think he will do much better in the upcoming combat, since he has a strong motivation to fight now ^^

Also, plenty of fan service in this episode as well. Girls in swimsuit, bathrobe, pajamas, hot kissing scene etc. ^^; Probably to increase the watch-ability of this episode, which is void of any Gundam action. If you are expecting the excitement like in Episode 10, I suppose you can skip this one and wait for the next episode instead ^^;

You can watch this episode on Tudou (with Chinese subtitle).